AES Orchard
Sunderland Street
Worth Way
United Kingdom
BD21 5LE

Fairmondo UK is the UK’s first co-operatively owned online marketplace. Our aim is simple: to make it easy to find the ethical online from an ethical business. Aggregating ethical sellers and goods in one marketplace and creating a brand that becomes synonymous with the best in this sector. We are a part of a global movement of co-operative businesses (starting with, Germany 2012) connecting the local and working to create a new kind of transparent, democratic, open & participatory Internet.

Fairmondo UK is the trading name of Worth Cooperating Ltd, a workers co-operative. We describe ourselves as a bunch of citizen activists who asked ‘why isn’t there a co-operative version of Amazon or eBay?’. Collectively we have a set of social media marketing, networking, coding, project management, management and people skills. Rather deficient in everything but prepared to have a go.