Fonthill House
113-115 Fonthill Road
N4 3HH

Animorph makes software that enhances human potential.

We design, build, and support technological solutions to complex challenges spanning training, education, therapy, rehabilitation, and urban planning.

As a full service creative powerhouse we work from ideation and brief-crafting stages, into design and development, all the way through to deployment and maintenance. Specialising in extended reality, we have created virtual and augmented reality mobile apps, immersive websites, games and full stack systems.

Our company has a spotless record of delivering above expectation with our clients since 2016. We seek productive relationships with purpose-driven organisations, so reach out and let’s forge alliances to make the future we want to live in.




The Executive Office
Belfast City Council
The Open University
University of East Anglia
National Institute for Health Research
Institute for Strategic Dialogue
Southbank Centre
Halo Post Production
Packt Publishing